Friday, January 23, 2009

Education for Some

There are about 74,000 kids living in poverty along Arizona's border, says the US Census Bureau. What does that have to do with education? Much more than it should.

Being poor and getting a decent education is a rare feat in the US. Nationally, about 50 percent of kids in low-income communities don't graduate. Those that do actually perform at about an 8th grade level. (Click here for more stats).

Arizona isn't doing much to help the cause. The new National Education Association report ranks the state dead last for per-pupil spending. And with an overall grade of C-, public education in Arizona is nowhere near the honor roll. So, where do Arizona's border kids fit into this picture? Read my future posts for answers.

For now, check out these interesting stats compiled by the Children's Action Alliance.

On the Arizona border:
  • Children are 52 percent more likely to be Hispanic
  • White children are 37 percent more likely to live in poverty
  • Median income is 13 percent lower compared to non-border counties
  • Foreign-born residents are 42 percent more likely to become citizens